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Trevor Booker and Jonah Baize: From College Teammates to Successful Serial Entrepreneurs


The NBPA teamed up with Trevor Booker to write a phenomenal story on Trevor Booker and his former teammate Jonah Baize.

When they first started playing at Clemson neither of the two players believed they would make it to the NBA. It wasn’t until Booker’s senior season that the dream became a reality, when he was named First Team All-ACC as a senior in 2010 and picked 23rd in that year’s NBA draft. Baize was less successful and only played a year overseas.

When they first connected at Clemson, they had dreams of becoming business partners. At the time, they were most passionate about real estate involving homes and training academies, and they would check out different properties around Clemson’s campus. Together, they took a large load of business courses in finance, marketing, accounting, and macro and microeconomics.

“We always talked about owning our own business, what we wanted to do after college,” Booker, 28, told the NBPA. “During our first conversations, we clicked. We’re just like the same person and hit it off.”

Since their entry into business together in 2011, Booker and Baize are now successful serial entrepreneurs with several different businesses that have grown to four states (with more locations in the works). They include postgraduate programs and private high schools for standout basketball players, training academies for youth to NBA players, 11 real estate properties (most tied to the academic and basketball locations), and an energy snack and recovery supplement that takes the place of a protein shake. They’ve been developing them for a year with a food scientist in Salt Lake City—where Booker played in the NBA from 2014-16—and they’re planned to debut next June.

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