Playoff Time!

After a long and historically amazing season, the playoffs are finally here. ASM is fortunate to have many clients competing for the championship!

First Round


(2) Cavs vs (7) Pacers
After a very competitive series, the Cavaliers defeated the Pacers 4-0. All games turned out to be very close, and the Pacers are the first team to enter the offsesaon.

(3) Raptors vs (6) Bucks
The Raptors held of the Bucks 4 games to 2.


(2) Spurs vs (7) Grizzlies
The Spurs defeated the Grizzlies 4 games to 2.

(3) Rockets vs (6) Thunder
The Rockets defeated the Thunder 4 games to 1.

(4) Jazz vs (5) Clippers
The Jazz defeated the Clippers 4 games to 3.


Second Round


The Cavaliers and Raptors will face off while the Celtics face the Wizards.


The Rockets face the Spurs while the Warriors play the Jazz.