Lavoy Allen donates for Christmas

Lavoy Allen always wants to make a difference. This year, he and his wife, Deloris, partnered with The Coburn Place this past weekend to donate Christmas gifts to families in need. The Coburn Place is a domestic violence shelter in Indiana, which focuses on the overall well-being of the person while addressing barriers to safety, self-sufficiency and permanent housing. Lavoy and Deloris were able to supply gifts and toys to nearly 100 women and children, partnering with Indiana toy stores such as the Lego Store and the Toy Pit.

The Allens were joined by their three sons, and were especially proud to teach their oldest son, four-year-old Kai, a lesson in giving back.

“I really wanted him to actually have that physical contact, to be able to give to another child and see their reaction to it,” Deloris Allen said.

“It’s very important,” Lavoy said. “It’s one of the things I want to [teach] my boys to do when they grow up, to give back to the community no matter what it is, no matter how little it is.”

“It feels great. I’m always down for giving back,” Lavoy said. “This one is a little bit different. Not many people think of events like this for this type of place, so I think it’s great that my wife planned this whole thing.”