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We Are Family

Family Environment

ASM SPORTS has created a family environment for all our players, and we are careful about who we bring into the fold. Although this is a business, we take great pride in the clients we represent, and will continue to provide them with the personal attention they need and deserve.


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Industry Experience


With 20 years of experience and a share of some of the top names in the NBA, including KEVIN GARNETT, CHAUNCEY BILLUPS, SERGE IBAKA, and KYLE LOWRY to name a few, we are well versed in the business of negotiating and representing players in all stages of their careers.


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Proven Results

Serge Ibaka - Adizero

Over the last three years, ASM Sports has negotiated over 500 million dollars in NBA, sneaker, apparel, and endorsement contracts with companies such as Nike, Adidas, PEAK, American Express, and Got Milk – as well as many others.


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Global Reach

ASM SPORTS International

ASM SPORTS is able to offer worldwide industry expertise that reflects the true global nature of basketball today. From Europe, to Asia, to Africa, and South America, our efforts extend to all corners of the globe.


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After the Court

After the Court

A player’s career is only a short span of one’s life, and we stress a long-term view with our strategic partnerships, financial outlook, and career planning. From DONYELL MARSHALL, CUTTINO MOBLEY, TYRONN LUE, ANTONIO MCDYESS & many more, #TEAMASM has left a lasting legacy on the NBA both on and off the court.


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Greater Good

Andre Miller - Boys and Girls Club

At ASM SPORTS, we pride ourselves on the fact that the players we represent are exceptional individuals both on and off the court. Our players have raised millions of dollars for charities & local communities, both individually and partnering in NBA initiatives.


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